Go-Karts & Bumper Cars

Go-Karts: Race Indy style go-karts on the premier go-kart track in southwestern Michigan. Hug the curves close to the rail so you don’t get passed. If kids are under 10 years of age and under 54″ tall they can ride our double seat cars free with an adult. And, kids, have fun because the double seat cars go as fast as the single-seaters!
DOUBLE SEAT GO-KART: Passenger under 54" tall MUST ride with adult.
Price: $8.00

Jr. Go-Karts: The perfect track for 5-10 year olds to practice for the big track. The 200-foot track goes over a bridge and through a tunnel for an exciting ride. (Ages 5-9)
Price: $7.00

Bumper Cars: Kids from 5 (44″ tall) to 105 will want to ride again and again after experiencing our fantastic lever-controlled cars. Spin in circles or go in any direction in our bumper-tube surrounded cars.
Price: $8.00